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Online Intake

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Throughout this online application, you can click on this symbol for help or more information: Help
  1. This is only an application. Legal Aid of West Virginia is not your attorney and there is no "attorney-client relationship" between you and Legal Aid. The information collected in the application is ONLY used to decide if you are eligible for our help. However, we will not give this information to anyone outside of Legal Aid unless you give us permission or it is required by law. We will review the information you give us and let you know whether we can offer you legal help.
  2. If you have a deadline or hearing while you are applying for help from Legal Aid, it is your responsibility to protect your legal rights. Do not miss your hearing or deadline.
  3. To be eligible for help from Legal Aid you have to meet certain conditions:
    • Generally, you must be low income.    Sometimes we can help people who have higher incomes if:
      • you have concerns for your safety; or
      • you are a veteran; or
      • you have a child with a mental health diagnosis; or
      • you have a tax problem with the IRS; or
      • someone in your household receives WV Works.
        Please let us know if any of these apply to you.
    • Your legal problem must be a type we handle. For example, we cannot handle criminal cases.  click here
    • Your legal problem must be in West Virginia.
    • We cannot help you if we have helped or are helping the opposing party or someone else involved with your legal problem.  click here

If you do not meet these conditions, you will need to find someone else to help with your problem. We will provide you with information about other ways you may be able to get help.

  • I have read the information on this page.
  • I understand the information on this page.
  • I know that I am responsible for taking any necessary steps to protect my legal rights while applying for help from Legal Aid.