Due to COVID-19, courts may require face coverings for all meetings or hearings. We recommend taking one with you so you are not turned away.


July 23, 2020

Divorce Informational Videos

Due to COVID-19 concerns, our offices are closed to the public and all family law clinics have been cancelled. Although these classes are cancelled, our website has videos to assist you in completing your divorce packet and it comes with legal information that can help you better understand the law as it relates to filing your divorce. Most West Virginia Courts are accepting all filings at this time, but you should make sure that you take a face covering with you to the courthouse as well as to any court hearings.

Upon completing the divorce petition and all the associated documents, the original must be filed with the Circuit Clerk in the county you are filing. You should contact the Circuit Clerk’s office in your county to see what steps they are taking due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be sure that you take the original document and 3 copies of these forms to the Circuit Clerk… the original will be filed with the court. One copy will be “served” of the other party. Served means that the Sheriff or a process server will give a copy to the other party. One copy is also required as the “return of service.” This is a copy that will be filed that records everything that was given to the other party. The third copy is for your records. When you file, you can ask the Circuit Clerk to stamp your filed documents so that you will have a record of the date and time that you filed the action. You should be sure to ask when a hearing will be held. Also, make sure that the Circuit Clerk has current address and contact information. If you move or change your phone number before your case is finalized, make sure that you inform the Circuit Clerk of these changes.