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Author: David Estep

August 13, 2020

Recent Changes in Expungement Law


Are you in need of an expungement of convictions in the state of West Virginia? Are you afraid that your out of state convictions will get in the way? In the past few years, the West Virginia legislature has reformed the way West Virginia handles expungements and has made it easier for people to get expungements of criminal convictions in the state of West Virginia.

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March 11, 2020

Rights In Subsidized Housing Regarding Termination of Tenancy


I recently handled a public housing eviction action against a client, and I thought it would be helpful to remind the public about their rights in subsidized housing when it comes to termination of a subsidized housing tenancy.

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August 16, 2018

Using Scanner Applications To Share Documents


At Legal Aid, clients often come to us in emergency situations, with little time to collect the information needed to present a case in court. Documents such as rental leases and prior court filings can be extremely important to support testimony from witnesses, but it is sometimes impractical to get them on short notice before a court date.

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