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August 21, 2019

National Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens are a large part of the population in West Virginia, and as such, have many different roles they may or may not be prepared to fill. 

West Virginia has one of the highest numbers of grandparents caring for their children, due to the opioid crisis. At Legal Aid of WV (LAWV), we can help grandparents with custody arrangements (including adoption), housing problems, and getting benefits to help them care for their grandchildren. Grandparents can apply through their local LAWV office, but we also have our Lawyer in the School program in Marion and Kanawha counties, where grandparents can get free legal help at clinics that take place right in the childrens' schools.

For seniors in long-term care or nursing homes, our Ombudsman advocates ensure their resident rights are being upheld. Ombudsmen travel to facilities across the state to listen to complaints and make sure residents are being cared for, both by staff and their own family. In many instances, Ombudsmen are the first to identify financial abuse against West Virginia seniors--whether it is a family member, new boyfriend or girlfriend, or caregiver. 

Our Financial Exploitation team includes three attorneys who work with seniors to try to find a solution to the abuse. This can include changing power of attorney and working with local law enforcement to press criminal charges against abusers. 

We are proud to serve West Virginians at LAWV, including our senior citizens. If you know someone who may be interested in learning more about our services, feel free to share this information with them. To apply for services, you can easily apply online or by phone at 866-255-4370.