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August 24, 2020

Clothing Vouchers 2020

Apply for WV School Clothing Vouchers

Starting September 1st, WV DHHR is taking applications for school clothing vouchers. 
Each eligible child will receive a $200 benefit to buy new school clothes.

You must apply before September 30, 2020.

Who can apply?
Families with school-aged children with a monthly household income of up to $2,184 for a family of four.  

What if I get benefits from DHHR already?
If you receive WV Works or are in foster care, you will automatically get benefits.  Some families who regularly receive food stamps, will also automatically get benefits.  Other families will have to apply.

How do I apply? 
The process is a little different because of COVID-19. You can’t apply in person at DHHR.  You can apply online at https://www.wvpath.org or by calling DHHR’s Customer Service Center at 1-877-716-1212 to request an application through the mail. 

How will I get my benefits?
You will get either a get an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card or a check in the mail.  There will not be a paper voucher this year. 

What if I’m turned down?
If you are turned down, you have a right to ask for a hearing to show that you do qualify for school clothing benefits.  But you MUST apply for the benefits before September 30 to be able to have a hearing.  

Legal Aid of WV does have this information on Facebook for sharing. Follow along for this and other updates. We also have a PDF flyer that can be accessed by calling us at 304-343-3013 x2116, 866-255-4370, or by messaging on Facebook.

Here is an article with more information: https://www.lawv.net/Resources/Self-Help-Library/Coronavirus/Coronavirus-COVID-19-and-School-Clothing-Vouchers

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