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May 03, 2018

Law Day at Lawyer in the School

Each year on May 1, Law Day is celebrated with events across the country celebrating an aspect of the law that greatly affects our lives. This year's theme was Separation of Powers: the Framework of Freedom, and our Charleston office of Legal Aid of West Virginia coordinated a unique Law Day celebration. Three LAWV attorneys, as well as three pro bono attorneys from the community, presented a fun and engaging talk on the theme to 4th grade students at Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary School, showing the importance of the separation of powers. 

Pro bono attorneys Kip Power, Jon Amores, and Lori Counts have been participating in the Lawyer in the School program at Mary C. Snow throughout the program's run at the school. The presentation gave them a unique opportunity to help the kids learn about a fundamental element of our government. The LAWV attorneys in attendance, Kate White, Tim Litton, and Melissa Lilly, also had turns talking with the kids about the importance of the checks and balances in our three brances of government. 

Photo credit: Lori Counts 

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