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April 17, 2020

CARES Act Community Training

Elizabeth PP Cover.PNG

The CARES Act payments have started, and we have some information aimed at community partners in a training available here.

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February 24, 2020

Veronica's Story


When Veronica and her husband split, he got primary custody of their daughter. When he died from a drug overdose, his parents filed for emergency guardianship of Veronica's daughter without her knowledge. She had no idea how difficult it would be to prove she deserved to have her own daughter, so she came to Legal Aid of WV.

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December 18, 2019

Staff Highlight: FAST Advocate Deana Cummings

Deana Cummings.jpg

Deana got her position with Legal Aid of WV after moving back to her hometown of Beckley in 2003. What she found was a better connection with her own family and the opportunity to create a new one at LAWV.  She is one of our FAST advocates, and she tirelessly helps West Virginia's school-aged children with emotional and behavioral disorders. 

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December 18, 2019

Board Highlight: Tina Faber

Tina Faber Headshot.jpg

When Tina Faber joined the Legal Aid of WV Board of Directors, she didn't know what to expect. Her intuition was to dive in and ask questions. Now, having served as a board member for almost 20 years and worked with numerous other organizations, she still considers her appointment with LAWV one of her favorite experiences.

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October 24, 2019

Judith's Story


When Judith's son, Barry, offered to move in to help her with her home as she started to face difficulties keeping up with her household responsibilities, she was looking forward to the opportunity to get to know each other better. But what started as an ideal situation quickly dissolved, as Barry began to beat Judith and take her limited income.

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October 24, 2019

Wills Clinics for Pro Bono Week 2019

Wills Clinic Attorneys.jpg

On Friday, October 18, Legal Aid of WV kicked off Pro Bono Week by holding a free wills clinic for seniors in Elkins, WV.

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September 24, 2019

Staff Highlight: ATLAS


Those that help Legal Aid of WV applicants get directed to an attorney or informational resources are called the ATLAS department, and this month, we are highlighting them as one of the most important pieces in the LAWV puzzle.

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September 23, 2019

Jane's Story


When Jane let Brandon back into her life, she thought he had shown he'd changed. Things were different for a while, but when they separated, he used the house they bought together to maintain control over her. So she came to Legal Aid of WV for help.

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August 21, 2019

National Senior Citizens Day


At Legal Aid of West Virginia, many of our services serve the older populations of West Virginia. Learn more about them as we celebrate National Senior Citizens Day.

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August 13, 2019

Staff Highlight: Deborah Worley

Deb Worley.jpeg

Deborah Worley is the face of the Princeton front office, which is a perfect position since she believes firmly in creating the best possible experience for LAWV clients.

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