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Divorce Information Videos

Welcome to Legal Aid of West Virginia’s Divorce Video Series.   Filling out divorce forms on your own can be confusing. People usually ask, “Which forms do I need to fill out?” Or “What does that question mean?”

To help people fill out the divorce forms, Legal Aid made videos that will give you:

  • basic information about divorce and
  • walk you through each page of the forms so you can file on your own.

If you have questions about whether your divorce can be filed in the State of West Virginia, read this article.  

You can find the divorce forms on the West Virginia Judiciary’s website.  Or you can get them from the Circuit Clerk’s office in your county.   More information about divorce can be found in our Divorce Toolkit


Divorce Introduction Video 


Grounds for Divorce    


Dividing Property in a Divorce 



Spousal Support (Alimony)    


How to Fill out the Vital Statistics Form (Vital Statistics Form (SCA-FC-104) - - 1 page)



How to Fill out the Petition for Divorce Form (Petition for Divorce (SCA-FC-101) - - 7 pages)   


How to Fill out the Answer to Divorce Petition (Answer to Divorce Petition (SCA-FC-108) - - 5 pages


How to fill out the Civil Case Information Sheet (Petitioner and Respondent) 

(Petitioner's Civil Case Information Statement (SCA-FC-103) - - 2 pages)

(Respondent's Civil Case Information Statement (SCA-FC-114) - - 1 page)    


How to Fill out the Financial Statement Form (Financial Statement (SCA-FC-106) - - 10 pages)    

How to Fill out the Fee Waiver Form (Financial Affidavit and Application: Eligibility for Waiver of Fees, Costs, or Security in a Civil or Domestic Case, etc.)   


How to Fill out the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement Form (BCSE Application and Income Withholding Form (SCA-FC-113) - - 2 pages)  


How to Fill out the Motion for Temporary Relief Form (Motion for Temporary Relief

How to File Your Divorce Paperwork in West Virginia  


How to fill out the Parenting Plan- if you have minor children with your spouse (Family Court Parenting Plan (SCA-FC-121) - - 15 pages


How to Fill out the Worksheet for Individual Proposed Parenting Plan- if you have minor children with your spouse (Worksheet for Individual Proposed Parenting Plan)