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Other Behavioral Health Resources


Mental Health Clinics and Providers in West Virginia:

For information about mental healthcare providers in West Virginia, go to this page. 

Other places where you can find help and information:

Behavioral Health Acronyms

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initials of words. They can be confusing. Here are some pages that describe common acronyms:

Other places on the internet where you can find help and information:

West Virginia System of Care: www.wvsystemofcare.org

The West Virginia System of Care is a public-private-consumer partnership dedicated to building and maintaining effective community based services and supports for children and youth with, or at-risk for behavioral health related challenges, and their families.  Includes publications, upcoming events and learning opportunities as well as news regarding children’s mental health issues that are beneficial for family members and professionals serving children. 

Wrightslaw:  www.wrightslaw.com

A national resource for parents, advocates and attorneys which offers accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.  Includes a searchable law library, and thousands of articles and case studies from across the United States, as well as a newsletter, training calendar and more. 

Mentoring with Oversight for Developing Independence with Foster Youth (MODIFY): http://modify.cedwvu.org/adulting-101/

A program of the West Virginia Center for Excellence and Disabilities, this page has videos and fact sheets among other resources for youth aging out of the WV foster care system. There are topics that will help youth perform the everyday function of living as an adult.


Parenting Perspectives

Parenting Perspectives is an award-winning triannual electronic newsletter sponsored by the WV DHHR for parents and professional working with West Virginia children, particularly those with emotional or developmental disorders. Parenting Perspectives is governed by an editorial Board and is available to anyone free of charge.

Summer 2017 - For Parents Facing Tough Questions: The Birds, the Bees, and Beyond

Spring 2017 - Learning Disorders in School-Aged Children 

Fall 2016 - Fighting Depression: What You Need to Know 

Spring 2016 - Healthy Families, Resilient Children 

Winter 2016 - Fighting Substance Abuse in West Virginia 

Fall 2015 - Innovative Programs for West Virginia Families

Winter 2015 - Focus on Eating Disorders

Spring 2014 - Focus on Ages 16-25

Winter 2014 - Focus on Difficult Behaviors

Fall 2012 - Focus on Autism

Summer 2012 - Focus on Sexuality

Winter 2012 - Focus on Childhood Behavior Problems